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Our team

Embark on a journey from Thessaly's fertile plains to the foothills of mythical Olympus with Karpologio products. 

We are a team of visionary farmers believing in the power of collaboration.

Together, we founded Karpologio in 2022 to cultivate common growth. 

We offer pure
Greek almonds,

grown on our own farms. 

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Our varieties

Non Pareil:
The soft newcomer

New entrance on the Greek market.
Rich aroma, intense aftertaste.
Crack it by hand, the shell's that soft!

The classic favorite

Sweetness and aroma from the first bite. 

Our philosophy

Our identity, philosophy and approach captured in a single sentence:

Our almond
                 Our fingerprint

We believe that today's choices have a lasting impact on tomorrow. 
Growing responsibly and respecting the environment, we are mindful of the legacy we leave for future generations. 
We want to be unique in what we do.
The taste, quality and freshness of our products are what characterize and set us apart.

That's why in our logo the fertile Thessalian plain,
the land we inherited, turns into fingerprint. 

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Our values

Always fresh

Having our own processing facilities makes all the difference!
We crack the shell and release the almond just before it is packaged, ensuring 
freshness, unaltered taste and valuable nutrients. This guarantees a safe, top-quality product. 


Innovation & Commitment to sustainability

We apply innovative cultivation and harvesting methods.
We green and cool the hot Thessalian plain  planting 5 times more trees than in conventional methods

Our facilities

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Legumes & Nuts 

Our news


Karpologion and  Irini-Christina Spanouli take 1st place in EIT Food's Empowering Women in Agrifood (EWA)  program. 

Irini-Christina Spanouli with Karpologio wins 1st place as a female Entrepreneur in the Agri-Food sector in the EWA program organized by the European Institute for Research and Innovation (EIT Food)  read more

The tv show "Agrotorama" visits our orchards

Field interview by the journalist  T. Sdroulias in the heart of our almond orchard revealing almond cultivation and care practices. 

For more News/Announcements click here

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Glafki, Larissa, PC 41500

Linkedin,Instagram,Facebook,Youtube: @Karpologio

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